'I love being married'

'I love being married'

'I love being married'

Shilpa and Raj Kundra. dh photo by Kishor Kumar bolar

Shilpa and Raj Kundra are one of the power couples in the country. They were in the City for the IPL match, and when they arrived in the stadium, the chivalrous Raj Kundra opened the car door for his lady love, who graciously stepped out with a charming smile.

Speaking to Metrolife Shilpa said that the marriage is the best thing that has happened to her. Having known Raj Kundra for so long, she says that she is at ease when he is around. “I love being married, and at times I wonder why I didn’t do it before,” she laughs while Raj looks on.

Raj’s association with the City has been minimum but for Shilpa, Bangalore is the place with many memories, especially during her stint in Sandalwood when she did films like Preethsod Thappa?, Ondagona Baa and Auto Shankar.

“I love the City. Every time I come here, I see so much of energy and vibrancy. I have a feeling of belonging here. I have many memories of the Kannada films I have shot here. Plus, I have some of my close friends like Vijay Mallya,” she recollects. The couple not only own a cricket team. They have also opened a chain of spas, a lounge; and Shilpa is soon planning to get into film production. A man of few words, Raj says being business partners with Shilpa is the best decision ever. “We are a great team. We know each other’s strengths and work on them. So I generally look after the business part of things while she looks after the creative part,” he says.

So is mixing business with pleasure the secret behind their relationship? “We are very particular. When we are on a holiday we never talk about work. But when we are at work we are thorough professionals,” she explains.

As for the Rajasthan Royals, Shilpa says that whether they win or lose, she will support them till the end. “We are going through a rough patch right now, with number of injuries and some players joining us late,” she informs.

 She further says, “It is a little intimidating to play in Bangalore because the crowd is all out to support the home team. Of course, winning is a great feeling but one must remember that losing too is a part of life.”