Four types of conscience users

Often we find ourselves being seized by sudden spasms of conscience. It is like a martinet, moral policing all our actions, mentally nudging/nagging us, when we try meandering away from the moral path. Interestingly, it’s not in varying degrees these ‘feelings of conscience’ exist among us, but in varying degrees ‘it’ is made use of, by each of us.  Incidentally, one can classify the conscience users in four categories.

The first category of conscience  users are those, who, adhering to acme of moral standards, use their conscience abundantly, at every place, situation and context. They display unimpeachable sincerity/honesty in every thing that they do. Often they keep sliding themselves into self-analysis sprees, just to make sure they are ever sticking onto sublime levels of ethics/morality.

 The second category are those ‘selective users’ of conscience, who keep flip-flopping on their self-made ideologies. They can alter, adjust, and amply modify their so-called conscience, according to their convenience/circumstances. These folks, posturing like saints, and acting like ‘apostles of moral brigade’ or the ‘self-appointed custodians of moral law,’ keep delivering endless homilies with their holier-than-thou attitude, without realising they themselves could be severely flawed. They talk of propriety of moral behaviour, which they seriously lack in. Then the third category are those, who try ignoring it, when gushes of conscience start goading or gnawing at them. Like, say, while flouting various rules, while taking devious routes to any success, while dodging duties/taxes, while fibbing, hurting, cheating, committing breach of trust, etc.  The final category is the zero-users of conscience, who keep slaughtering the conscience streaks surging in them. They are among the reprehensible criminals, indulging in heinous crimes. Being endowed with Mephistophelian mind and malicious heart, with zilch moral qualms or compunction, these folks apparently have no care/concern for the other life.  

To conclude, our inner conscience is like the moral-alert alarm buzzer, which can turn defunct, due to deadly elements like ego, selfishness and callous attitude. It’s all up to us to keep this alarm buzzing, to see our peace levels ever booming!  

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