Game on!

Game on!

Game on!

With the new year comes resolutions that burn out after a month, or maybe even earlier. Thankfully, the fashion industry is helping us stay motivated by introducing a trend that looks equally athletic and streetwear — cool both inside and outside the gym.

    It also helps that fashion “it” girls and celebrities alike with serious #bodygoals are sporting this trend. Suddenly brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma and Supreme are gaining massive popularity among the masses and sportswear is not just restricted to athletes. It is being worn while travelling, for a casual lunch with friends and surprisingly, to the clubs!

Here are four ways you can incorporate this trend into your everyday persona.


Move over denims, sweatpants have moved away from their ‘Netflix and chill’ situation and now have an active social life.

    The best part is that you don’t have to break a sweat as you can conveniently find them in your own wardrobe. Indulge in a quick upgrade by considering fabrics like faux leather and details like embellishments. It is however, important to keep the volume and proportions in mind. It shouldn’t be either too baggy or too fitted. The right amount of ‘slouch’ along with a few stripes here, and varsity numbers there, is highly recommended.


Thanks to vetements, the hoodie now has a luxurious runway personality as opposed to the 12-year-old-skateboarder idea it has traditionally carried along with it . We love it for its comfort, ease and effortlessness. Today’s hoodie is worn under luxe fur and bomber jackets and accompanied by the suave leather trouser. Bonus points if it has a cheeky slogan written on it, or simply the name of the brand that it belongs to. Cropped versions can be worn with low-slung sweatpants to expose a midriff that has crunched hard at the gym.

Baseball caps

Call it your ultimate saving grace from a bad-hair day, it is now more fashionable than ever to wear a baseball cap. Carrying with it a sense of 90s nostalgia, these caps are now available in leather, velvet and satin if you’re not one for ‘basic’. These caps scream model-off-duty and are worn not only with casual clothes but also with feminine dresses and oversized jackets. Rita Ora, Rihanna and the supermodel crew will convince you to wear this ‘dad hat’ trend with literally anything in your wardrobe, and you will be hard-pressed to complain.


A grungy, disheveled vibe led largely by Kanye West paved the way for the sneaker fever that has now gripped the entire world. Footwear brands dropped crisp-white shoes by the bucketload, and metallic renditions followed. Gucci and Chanel took matters in their own hands by adding a dozen embellishments, just in case white was too plain.

Tonal white kicks are easy to pull off, even in formal settings, not to mention they are being increasingly worn to the club, much preferred over heels!

  The intersection of high fashion and street wear has put sportwear brands like Champion’s legendary sweats into the limelight.

For once, we have with us a trend that does not discriminate between men and women and is equally applicable for both.Given the season’s move towards low-key aesthetics and colours like black, white, grey and stone, a new urban sensibility is ready to take the world by storm.

(Contributed by Farah Magi)

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