More power to women...

More power to women...

When a filmmaker husband leaves his wife for his female actor, the wife sets out on a search for her own identity. Stellar performance by Shabana Azmi.

A young waitress loves helping people find happiness while living in her own world of imagination. On one such benevolent quest, she stumbles upon true love.

coco before chanel
This is an honest story of the famed fashion French designer, Coco Chanel, and her journey from being an orphan to the most influential fashion icon of the 20th century.

english vinglish
When a caterer-housewife is slighted by her family for not being able to speak English, she sets out to learn the language and regains her lost respect and value.

little miss sunshine
A young, bespectacled girl aspires to covet the title of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ at a beauty pageant. Her family sets out on a road trip to help her realise her dreams.

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