Illayaraja sends notice to SPB for singing his songs

Illayaraja sends notice to SPB for singing his songs

Composer Illayaraja served a legal notice on his long term friend and playback singer SP Balasubramanyam for rendering his songs in a concert in the US recently without his consent.

Shocked by the notice, SPB said on Sunday that he would not render the songs in future. The incident has revealed strains in one of film industry’s long cherished friendship.
s voice to thousands of film songs composed by Illayaraja for the past 40 years. The duo have been working together since the late 1970s.

"In any stage in future, I will never sing any of his songs", the playback singer said in his social media while responding to the legal notice from Ilayaraja.

Pointing out that his son S P Charan organised several music concerts across the globe as part of his 50 years in cinema, Balasubramanyam said: we have been performing at Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and USA."

"I wonder why problems arise only when we stage a show in USA", he said, appealing to all music-lovers not to make an issue out of this.
DH News Service

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