Basava portrait artist Kale refuses felicitation

Basava portrait artist Kale refuses felicitation

 The government is yet to officially announce the name of V T Kale as the artist who sketched the portrait of Basavanna, which has been ordered to be displayed in government offices.

On Tuesday, the artist expressed his disappointment over this when district information officer B K Ramalingappa called on him at his residence here and presented him a bouquet to wish him over the selection of his portrait.

“Let the government announce that the artwork selected for displayed is done by me. Later, I will receive  your wishes and felicitation,” the artist is said to have told the officer.

Kale said the authorities did not bother to even inform him that his artwork had been chosen for the honour.
After being briefed about the matter over phone by Ramalingappa, N R Vishukumar, the director of the department of information and public relations, called up Kale and tried to assuage his feelings.

Not convinced

But Kale would have none of it and insisted that the government should acknowledge his work before feting him.

“I had visited the artist to congratulate him on behalf of the department. But he refused to even receive the bouquet I presented. I have conveyed his feelings to the director of the department,” Ramalingappa said.

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