The old world charm

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The old world charm

An old bungalow in Basavanagudi seems hardly the ideal place for a day out with friends. But step inside the ‘The Rogue Elephant’ and you get a chance to feel the old Bengalurean vibe.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the small but cosy place transports you into a peaceful world, a world that is not so rushed, a world where you can take a bite of that salad and lean back in your chair as you relish the taste.

The seating is somewhat limited so don’t go if you are in a hurry. And since it is an outdoor cafe, chose those sunny days only if you are in the mood for some heat even though the pretty flowers growing in abundance around the place are a riot of colours in the sunshine. But let’s talk about the food now.

The menu has a mix of Italian, French, Mediterranean and Indian influences. Dig into the starters or the salads and prep up your appetite for the delights that are to follow. In starters, choose from the soup of the day and bite-worthy options like ‘Classic hummus and pita’, ‘Buffalo wings’, ‘Stuffed pancakes’ and so on. The ‘Falafel with Tabbouleh and hummus’ is a great combination.

On the salads side, the ‘Greek salad with feta cheese’ is a tempting mix of cucumber, black and green olives, cherry and normal tomatoes, feta cheese and virgin olive oil. The ‘Signature fig and savoury pannacotta salad’ is highly recommended for the unique mix of flavours as is the ‘Mango, avocado and almond salad’.

Next on the menu are the pastas and these are something you don’t want to pass up.
Light yet filling and authentic, these are sure to leave you smacking your lips. ‘Spaghetti with sundried tomato and chilli pesto’ is spicy and delectable. The ‘Farfalle with coriander and peanut pesto’ is another recommendation with the coriander making for a nice change from the usual basil. Other recommendations include ‘Veg lasagna’, ‘Fettucini alfredo’ and ‘Pasta a la rogue’, which is creamy tomato sauce with vegetables.

The next in line are sandwiches and kati rolls. The portions are filling and the ‘Chicken tikka kati rolls’ have quite a fan following.

In the mains, options abound. The ‘black and white sesame crusted fish with salad’ is heavenly with perfectly cooked fish and a tantalising combination of sesame and tartar sauce. The ‘Thai grilled chicken with green mango relish and herb rice’ is tasty chicken with a thick sauce poured over it and finely chopped green mango and papaya acting as the perfect accompaniments.

‘Vindaloo and rice’, ‘Cajun style chicken’, ‘lamb chops special’ are some of the other options. As is evident, the options for vegetarians are quite limited.

No matter how much you eat, there is always room for dessert. And you better have ample room for some of the mouth-watering varieties they have here. While the classic ‘Chocolate brownie and ice cream’ retains its tag as an eternal favourite, it is the ‘Fresh fruit pannacotta’ that takes the cake (pun intended). But they always run out of this pretty quickly so be warned.

While options in beverages are somewhat limited, their strawberry and avocado shakes are must tries.

‘The Rogue Elephant’ is located near Generation School, Opposite Krishna Rao Park, Basavanagudi.

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