'We're moving forward a little everyday'

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'We're moving forward a little everyday'

Formed by Bindu and Ambi Subramaniam, ‘SubraMania’ has been charming music lovers with contemporary world music since 2013. The band recently released their new single ‘7 Song’ through a live performance at BFlat, a venue that’s very close to their hearts since the band gave its very first performance at this location four years ago.

Sharing their excitement, lead vocalist Bindu and violinist Ambi talk to Anushree Agarwal about the song, what makes them click with the audience and their future projects.

Tell us about your new single ‘7 Song’.
Bindu: In the context of ‘SubraMania’, we love taking our unique sound and blending it with other global influences. Our previous release ‘Esperanza’ was very flamenco-inspired, while ‘7 Song’ has some gypsy elements.

We wanted to create a song that started with plucking, a technique that is inspired by gypsy legend Roby Lakatos. The song also features konnakol and a cajon solo, so it has a few interesting layers. Quite a lot of the song are improvised, so it’s like we get to play a new song every time.

SubraMania’s journey since its inception in a line...
Ambi: We’re moving forward a little everyday.

One thing that you feel sets the band apart.
Ambi: I think what’s unique about ‘SubraMania’ is that we are all musicians from different backgrounds — Indian classical, Western classical, pop, rock, jazz — and that makes us versatile as a band. We are also very receptive to different world influences and try to bring them into our own sound.

One thing that you feel the band could do better.
Bindu: Perhaps, we could collaborate more with other artistes.

The best compliment that you’ve received for your performance till date...
Ambi: It was when someone said, ‘You guys look like you’re having so much fun on stage.’

A venue you’d love to perform at.
Bindu: ‘The O2 Arena’ in the UK.

A piece of advice for aspiring musicians...
Ambi: It’s important to keep working towards your goals everyday, and also to believe in yourself. Another thing is don’t take it to heart if someone doesn’t like what you do. Just keep moving ahead.

So what are you guys working on after the single?
Bindu: We are working on more new material which will soon be coming up for release. Additionally, we are also planning the 10th anniversary celebrations of SaPa (the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts) and are quite excited about it.

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