'It's cool to have the ability to lighten the mood'

'It's cool to have the ability to lighten the mood'

Candid chat

'It's cool to have the ability to lighten the mood'
An erstwhile radio jockey, Abhilash Thapliyal is also a popular anchor and host. He’s steadily become an online sensation with his quirk and multi-faceted personalities. With his innovative take on Indian politics, his character ‘MufflerMan’ has gained cult status.

Abhilash recently decided to arrange Sachin Tendulkar’s fan, Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary’s trip to England for the Champion’s Trophy. He is soon making his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Makhna’ starring Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Salim. In a chat with Anushree Agarwal, he shares a few light moments.

Your ‘MufflerMan’ videos are loved by the ‘Mango Man’ (‘aam aadmi’)...

It’s more inspired by Mr CM (Arvind Kejriwal) than an ‘aam aadmi’. A CM who’s trying to be an ‘aam aadmi’ than the other way round. It’s like a clean sweep (‘jhaadu’)! (laughs)

Do you get irritated when people randomly ask you to crack a joke?

It’s been happening since childhood. Whenever guests came home, my parents would make sure am standing right in front of them, cracking jokes or imitating someone, so am used to it. It’s cool to have the ability to lighten the mood.

Do you ever get upset or angry?

I do. But then you just tell yourself that you’re the best. If you give in to negativity, you will only get upset and disappointed in yourself. Also, just keep working and keep an eye out for the competition.

An awkward situation you faced and how you handled it.

I was hosting this sports league on Sony 6 wherein I had to take care of London, Birmingham and Delhi. The first two went smooth. In Delhi, I was standing in the midst of this crowd of school students when suddenly I was pushed and all the kids were on top of me. The camera was on and the only thing I could do was laugh at my own self.

Tell us about ‘Makhna’.

‘Makhna’ is my first movie and the best thing is that this rom-com came to me without auditioning. I play a college student in Delhi who is Saaqib’s character’s best friend. Then there is one turn and their entire life changes.

How do you juggle all the roles with ease?

If you keep things simple and honest, everything happens. We are constantly looking at others to appreciate us without looking inwards. Do the best that you can and you’ll just sail through, just how I was able to send Sudhir (Sachin’s fan) to England.

What’s in the pipeline?

There is one more big movie, set in the backdrop of Delhi University, which I’ll be announcing soon. Then there are a few more online digital series. The focus, however, is on ‘Makhna’ right now as we have two more songs to shoot.

Apart from satire, what are your other hobbies?

To create more interesting content and to perform and make people happy. (Thinks) Am a confused soul actually!

A line you think will definitely make an impact at a job interview.

‘Give me a job kyunki main apne ‘kaam’ se ‘calm’ rakhta hoon!’

What will you say if you forget your girlfriend’s birthday?

I’ll tell her ‘Baby, am married because I am!’
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