A wedding gone awry

After taken a while to wallow in sorrow after the wallop his Sainikudu got, Gunashekar returns to test waters with Varudu. Sadly the long absence seems to have not done much good. For, Varudu is as rank bad or even worse then earlier effort. 

Varudu (Bridegroom)shows Gunashekar has not learnt any lessons from earlier flop.
In the self-belief harking back to traditional twist to tale and bestowing aura of mystery around his female lead, director has spiced up Varudu hoping to hit paydirt. However, given the trite and tepid manner Gunashekar deals with the listless tale, Varudu fails to live up to the hype and hoopla in luring even gullibles with curiosity factor.

While Allu Arjun as Sandeep and Arya (as villain Diwakar) making his Tollywood debut, live up to their billing, new find Bhanu Mehra as Deepti neither has oomph nor pull power, leave alone acting, to keep audiences glued.

As for plot, script and puerile proceedings, less said the better. Better safe not to accept the invitation of this groom and his wedding thamasha than feel sorry thereafter.

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