Cherishing college days

Cherishing college days

Vijay Raghavendra

But in reality, he was a decent student and didn’t make fun of anybody back in college. Vijay, who studied B Com in Seshadripuram College, says that the friendly-environment of the institution influenced him in many ways.

“My whole college life passed by like a sweet dream and even today during my free time, I continue to cherish those perky days. We shared a good rapport with our professors who were caring and sociable. One of my professors called Uday Chandra, who taught me Economics, is someone I can never forget. He was very focused and disciplined. I learnt from him to keep time and remain empathetic to others,” says Vijay.

Being a gifted dancer, Vijay concentrated more on dancing even during his college days and brought laurels to his college through his splendid performances in  competitions. “I was not very active in sports and rarely performed in dramas. I like to dance and have experimented with all kinds of dance forms.”

Vijay had lots of friends and would go for movies with them every Friday. “I can’t recall the number of films we watched during those times. Most of the time, it was a Kannada movie. But we also watched Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English flicks. We were great foodies and tried a range of cuisines. Veena Stores in Malleswaram, and Ceejees near our college were our favourite hangouts. We would always be dying to eat Donne Biryani offered in one of the Maratha-style restaurants at Cottonpet. I often go back to my college days as it helps me re-energise myself completely,” reveals Vijay.