I did what was most amicable: Malik

I did what was most amicable: Malik

I did what was most amicable: Malik

Shoaib Malik

Shoaib divorced Ayesha Siddiqui yesterday despite insisting previously that he was never married to the Hyderabad girl, who claimed that he dumped her because of her weight problems.

The divorce followed days of mudslinging in which Ayesha even filed an FIR against Shoaib accusing him of fraud and criminal intimidation.

Relieved that the controversy was finally over, Shoaib said, "I would like to firstly thank Allah almighty and all of you as media and the entire nation of Pakistan in supporting me and giving me the strength to face all what has been witnessed."

"I am no one to judge what is wrong or what is right as the one above knows the truth. I have done what was the best amicable thing to do as it was getting beyond reasoning as each day unfolded," Shoaib added in a statement released by his agent.

The 28-year-old all-rounder, who had earlier claimed that Ayesha duped him into a telephonic nikah by sending photos of some other woman, also sought forgiveness for any hurt he might have caused during the row.

"I have realised that media is part of my family, and request all of you to pray for me and Sania as we are embarking on a beautiful journey of marriage.

"I am proud to be a Pakistani and me and Sania are overwhelmed to see the response in all the people welcoming Sania to Pakistan. Inshallah Sania and I will soon meet everyone personally to thank you all for all the support," he said.

"Thank you once again for all your support and lastly if knowingly or unknowingly I have hurt someone, please forgive me as your younger brother," he added.