Meghshala app to help over 50k teachers

 Meghshala, a non-profit edutech organisation founded by former teacher Jyoti Thyagarajan and entrepreneur Sridhar Ranganathan, has launched its Android App and ‘Pinut’ server.

By setting up 50 low-cost offline content distribution hubs called ‘Pinut’, Meghshala, which is supported by Tata Trusts, allows a teacher to visit a block resource centre near their school and download the app and the Meghshala ‘TeachKits’ for free. Meghshala has close to 500 active users.

The app and server aim to reach over 50,000 teachers in the country, going beyond Karnataka. Teachers with a smartphone and Internet connection can download the app and lessons free of cost.

The organisation partners with Makkala Jagriti, ISHA Foundation, MYRADA and Anthyodaya that helps them communicate with the teachers in the most remote parts of India.

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