Today's letters

Today's letters

Ban posters



This refers to ‘Now, traffic alerts on signboards’ (DH, April 8). The installation of Variable Message Signboards for the first time in the country, sounds good, but our government should first ban the display of posters of politicians and their followers across
Bangalore, which is spoiling the beauty of the city.

T V Gopinath

Take strong measures

No government worth its salt can afford to allow insurgent activities in blatant violation of the rule of law. We have to launch an all out offensive, short of calling the army, to wipe out the band of guerrillas who are fighting against the state. We need better tactics and caution while fighting against an elusive enemy who follows no rule. State police and the CRPF should have better training, weaponry and coordination to isolate the Maoists who are creating havoc in some states. Intelligence has to be stepped up to anticipate the moves of the Maoists. Those sympathizers who support the Maoist cause should be told to be careful. Arms and funds going to the Maoists must be checked and the sources identified.

D B N Murthy

Provide training

The newly-elected corporators of BBMP must have to undergo  training  on good governance, learn the nuances of the role of a corporator and the numerous rules involved in the Karnataka  Municipal Act, constitution ,Akrama/Sakrama ,CDP and urban development policy.

The training program should  expose first time corporators on best municipal practices implemented in other cities, train them on how to prepare themselves for implementing centrally funded programmes like JNNURM.  They should also be briefed on usage of computers/internet, urban planning,soft skills, project/finance  management ,RTI and human behaviour

This should prepare the elected representatives to improve government services in the capital.and enhance  capacity building  to fulfill their responsibilities.

Jayanagar, Bangalore

No silver lining

No sooner the ink is dry on election results to BBMP council, the ruling dispensation has dealt a massive blow to the people by jacking up the price of milk by a hefty Rs3 /per litre.The people are in for a huge increase in water rates from may 1 by as much as 33% to 200%,and bus fares by BMTC are set to go up ,.The rush to announce hike in milk rates is to garner the voters of rural population at the ensuing Panchayat elections scheduled in May.The only BJP government in the South is in a tearing hurry to dissipate the goodwill earned during the last 2 years and wants to make hay while the sun shines and is not worried about a second term. Corruption permeats every sector of govt activity as evident by innumerable raids conducted by Lokayukta unearthing assets disproportionate to the income of govt officials. There does not seem to be any silver lining in the dark clouds enveloping the state.


Enough is Enough

This is with reference to ‘All options are open says PM’ appearing in DH dated 08APR10. The chilling cold blooded murder of 75 CRPF personnel committed by Maoists has sent shock waves across the country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that all options are open is understandable. Enough is enough. Govt must declare Maoists as “terrorists” and take them head on. Despite red alert issued by the affected states, systematic killings seems apparent by Maoists. Let’s admit that not long ago, Home Minister Chidambaram had categorically assured the states that they would be provided with logistic materials, night vision gadgets, modern weapons, choppers, satellite images etc to counter Maoist menace, but the killing spree have remained unabated.

Deepak Chikramane

A good move

It is good news to Bangaloreans to have two way traffic on Seshadri road again thus bringing back the old glory of Bangalore and reaching the destination on time.The same way, authorities can think of bringing in two way traffic again on the following roads to easen traffic on other roads/junctions and even supporting in fuel/time savings which also result in abating pollution.

1.Road from M
insk square to Rajbhavan

2. Junction near Sampangirama temple(continuing from wockhart hospital) to junction near petrol bunk on
Mount carmel college road.

3. High grounds police station junction to signal light junction at Ambedkar bhavan.

4 .Allowing right turn at police Thimmaiah circle for vehicles approaching from Indian express building.

Nandini lay out