Faith can change matches

Faith can change matches


Faith can change matches

Cricket fans are superstitious while watching the game.

Do you don your favourite team’s T-shirt before watching an IPL match? Or do you chuck that ‘cursed cap’ away as it brings bad luck to your team? Do you sit in a lucky chair hoping to see your favourite batsmen thrash the opponents? Or do you simply not tune in as you feel your team does better without you watching the match? 

Dhatri, a technical analyst at Goldman Sachs, always sits in a particular place during any match involving the Royal Challengers Bangalore. “Logically, I know it doesn’t make sense but I like to think it helps,” she laughs.

“I like to sit on a particular sofa. My cousin goes to the extent of praying after every over when the RCB is batting,” she says. “I also don’t like people saying ‘RCB is doing well’ or ‘RCB is going to win’ as you never know what may happen. I feel by saying such a thing, they may jinx the performance of the team.”

Cricket fan Luv Khattri supports the Chennai Super Kings and never wears the CSK T-shirt during a match in fear that they will lose. “I always wear the colour of the opponent team,” he says. “I support Dhoni as well so the Dhoni jersey hangs on my wall whenever he is playing. I don’t fold it or wash it as I feel if it moves from its position, Dhoni will not perform.”

Nirajan, an entertainment producer for an online portal, has two unique ways of watching a match, depending on whether it’s a day match or a night match. “During day matches, I sit on a particular sofa. If the RCB is losing, I shift my position to a beanbag,” he says. If the RCB isn’t performing well during a night match, he switches off the TV and turns on his laptop. “I go online and check the score without watching the match. Me not watching the match may probably do the trick,” he notes. “I am planning to go for one of the matches at the stadium soon. If the RCB doesn’t play well during that match, I will have to search for a laptop at the stadium,” he laughs.