Feels great to win my first points

The monkey is off my shoulder in a manner of speaking. It sure feels good to finish the way we did. Personally, it was nice to finally get some points against my name in the Presidents Cup. I have waited long for that.

Obviously it’s been a tough week for the team, so we were trying our hearts out. Si-Woo played great today. He carried me for 15 holes and then I stepped up today but we combined well.

It was really hard. I think that one full point has been quite elusive this week. You know, it was nice to get the job done. I’ll be honest, this American team is really good. They have played really good. In many of the matches this week, we were up at times, but around the turn or around the 14th they made their moves. They made big shots, holed big putts. The Americans have played so well. They are a well-oiled machine.

In the morning, I said one of us or some of us have got to try and do the same and score well towards the end. We have to try and make those putts and make those birdies coming home. I guess that was just a good seed in my head when I started out today.

All 12 of us and the caddies, we feel terrible about this being Nick’s (Price) last captaincy. This is not the way we’d like him to leave. We want him to go out, also, on a happy note. So we are going to give him our all and we are going to play for our pride and for him.

The first two days and the first session on Saturday were all tough. So, when Si-Woo started out on the first hole, I just told him we have to keep our head down and try to not look at the TVs. Just try and focus on our match. Because it’s one of those weeks where you look up, and you see, you know, another American hole-out or a big putt made or a putt missed. Every roar kind of put more pressure on yourself.

Both of us said, we are going to look away from the screens and focus on what we need to do. Having said that, I did see the matches -- I did see everything else was red (US colour).

I think down the stretch, we kept thinking, we have to stay ahead. I think all our matches that we were 1-up or 2-up or around all-square, we’ve lost 15 or 16 or 17 each and every time. So I knew that we had to focus extra hard coming down the stretch, and I think that we combined really well.

Hopefully all of us, myself included, can come out and do the same tomorrow.

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