I feel awful for Kolkata, says dejected SRK

I feel awful for Kolkata, says dejected SRK

I feel awful for Kolkata, says dejected SRK

Shah Rukh Khan with Wasim Akram and Sourav Ganguly

KKR were all but thrown out of semifinal reckoning after losing to Chennai Super Kings last night and Shah Rukh said he was responsible for the disappointing show.

"I completely take the blame for not putting up a good enough show...so much love for KKR and I couldn't reciprocate," the actor wrote on his Twitter page.

"I am not sad. Just feel awful for Kolkata, most wonderful city and my sponsors. No promises anymore," he said.

Shah Rukh said he would find a way to deal with the dejection.
"I am off now to deal with disappointments in the way I know best. You find your poison. Unconditional apologies to all," he wrote.

The actor said even though his team performed better than last year, when it had finished at the bottom of the heap, it still wasn't good enough.

"Supporters of KKR, we can say goodbye to IPL now. Better than last year is not good enough. Just disappointed, can't make any promises for future either, have lost the right," he wrote.

But the superstar said he would still give a call to each member of the team for trying his best.
"(I) Will call all (of them) and thank them for trying, even if it wasn't good enough. All are a good bunch. Sometimes our best not good enough," he said.