The free slimming centre expert

The free slimming centre expert

The free slimming centre expert

There he was, with all the time in the world, nosing around a Mound of human filth and rubbish thrown into his home – Broken glass,  bottles, slippers, plastics, rust and rubble.

But he looked quite used to the dirty, rotten behaviour of humans. Perhaps softened by the nicer ones who brought bird feed for the ducks.

Meanwhile here and there over me, were a few fat pounds of flesh begging
To be thrown out and the pelican having nothing to do, turned into this Nature’s free Slimming Centre’s

EXPERT who came to put me in shape without expensive medicines Pelicans never wait to be  photo-graphed,  and don’t deign to pose

For you like cats do, in fact they waddle off busily the minute you click

And then return just when you have stumbled down on a seat for a rest

Two or three hours after I had clicked more than 250 times he finally
Felt sorry for me and came to stick his adorably nosy nose right inside the lens
And as an added bonus I am sure he had scraped  atleast five pounds off me
Pelicans are still not cats and you can’t cuddle them or feel their soft fur
But they make you laugh with their nosy beaks and their friendly faces
As if they are telling you, like those ads of slimming centres on the t.v.

That they can easily make you lose 97 per cent of your fat!

So by the time you check out the silvery sheen around a ruby glitter and dazzle of lotuses on pillowed green and marvel at the speed with which a pelican dashes away from publicity

you and your camera and the power cut pain in the neck and the heat vanish as this funny, lovable, nosy looking water bird waddles away with what seems like five pounds of flab kindly stolen from you!

What a bonus of wealth from a water bird!
The lotus hugging pelican taught me that in every life
comes a darkening

And too many fat and fetid rattlesnakes will waddle
around our gold surplus

Like the plastics, slippers and bottles around the lotus lake
Some seasons seem like being glued to glue, uggh!

But the pelican’s long, large, nosy beak that opens up so adorably

Also seems to be saying that behind the obese and onerous skunks of living
There are also hidden the surprises that come out of nowhere – colours with
Shimmering new patterns that the fattest and greediest rattlesnake cannot gobble up.