Brakes applied on politics of religion and caste in UP: Yogi

Brakes applied on politics of religion and caste in UP: Yogi

Brakes applied on politics of religion and caste in UP: Yogi

Claiming that brakes had been applied to the politics of caste and religion, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath today said that only the "politics of development" will prevail during the BJP rule in the state.

He also claimed that rule of law had been restored in the state replacing "goonda raj".

"With the BJP government at the helm, it will only be politics of development and all discussions will be centred around development...The politics of caste and religion has been checked in the state," he said.

The chief minister was campaigning for his BJP nominees in the local body elections. Adityanath said that the SP, the BSP and the Congress had already accepted defeat and there was no contest left in these civic polls.

Making an appeal to the electorate to vote for his party nominees, he said the BJP has prepared a roadmap for development and elaborated on the schemes for youth, farmers and the homeless among others.

Recalling the recent Diwali celebrations in Ayodhya, he said that the town (Farrukhabad) will also light up the same way and assured voters that there will not be any shortage of funds for the nagar palika for development work.

In Firozabad, he said that rule of law has been set up replacing the "goonda raj" of the previous government.

"Brakes have applied on illegal works and common people are feeling secure...In this brief time, the state has begun its march towards development," the chief minister said.

Speaking about the glass factory at Firozabad which accounts for exports worth Rs 2,000 crore, he said that it will be further developed under the new policy of the state government and a showroom will be opened in Lucknow to project it in a better manner.

He promised insurance for the labourers connected with the Firozabad glass industry, a showroom on the expressway and setting up of a transport nagar.