Indian culture brought me to India: Russian actress

Indian culture brought me to India: Russian actress

Anna Ardova, a Russian comedy actor, said Indian culture has brought her to the country.

Anna said she aspired for long to get a feel of India.

Anna, regarded as one of the finest actors of Russia, said she is a huge fan of Bollywood movies since her childhood and has watched 'Seetha Aur Geetha' seven times and Mithun Chakravarthy-starrer 'Disco Dancer' several times. Among the recent films, 'Slum Dog Millionaire' is one of her favourites.

She is known for her work in films like 'Vysotsky' and 'Thank God I'm Alive' (2011), 'Snow Queen' (2012) and 'All Inclusive 2' (2011). She has received an award for best performance in a comedy programme in 2010.

Anna visited Goswami Treatment Center in Kaup to undergo Panchakarma treatment for rejuvenation and to refresh herself and to regain her youth.

She told media persons that Indian films of 1960s and 70s had a special charisma. "The Indian movies were colourful and a replica of happiness and joy which is missing in Russian movies. Russian movies represent dark and sadness. In the recent times, Russian movies have become totally commercialised and the producer dictates the world," she regretted.

Anna said Shavasana is her favourite Asana.

India is the land spirituality and is the hidden treasure of all happiness, she remarked.

Anna said she will promote India and its unique warmth in Russia upon return."The Indians are slow and work at their own pace unlike Russians who hurry up for all little things," she giggled.

She said she is a cheeful person. "An actor is always stressful. I want to relieve stress. Here, I have undergone Virechana Veerechana, which acts a body intoxicant. I have been practising Yoga for many years, " she added.

Anna said she has stayed at Kaup for 12 days. "I am deeply in love with the Indian soil and I never want to go back. But I am compelled to go as I have two children," she said.

She said she likes to play the role of Princess Ekaterina "Kitty" Alexandrovna Shcherbatskaya in Russian writer Leo Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina'.

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