Bombs manufactured locally

Bombs manufactured locally

Indian Premier League: Links with July 2008 serial blasts ruled out

According to sources, the bomb found at the bus shelter near Mahatma Gandhi Park was wrapped in the Karwar edition of a Kannada newspaper. Investigators are looking into whether the bombs were manufactured in the coastal areas.

The timer-fitted bombs was found to be made using Ammonium Nitrate. Sources said that those who made the bombs had technical expertise in the field.

Manufacturing the bomb elsewhere and transporting it to any other place is always potentially dangerous. Hence, police believe that the bomb’s ingredients were brought from other places but were assembled in the City.

Also, the ingredients were reportedly assembled just a few hours before they were placed near the Stadium.

The bomb found at the bus shelter near Mahatma Gandhi Park, however, was not fitted with a timer. Doing a hash job, the miscreants probably forgot to fit the timer.

Investigators have found that local pages of Karwar, Kolar, and Bangalore rural of the Kannada daily were used for wrapping the bomb. Hence, they believe that the ingredients were probably brought in from Karwar only, said a senior investigating official.

According to sources, miscreants might have bought the paper from a scrap shop and hence got pages of different editions.

The bomb found near Stadium's Gate 8 contained 3.20 kg of explosives, a detonator, and a timer. Sources said that all other bombs too contained the same ingredients.