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Women may be increasingly visible in the ranks of police but there is still asymmetry in the force.
Actor Priyanka Upendra looks at what it is like to be a woman, in a predominantly male-dominated police force, in her latest project, 'Second Half' where she essays the role of a woman police constable.

Priyanka will also be acting for the first time with her daughter Aishwarya in 'Howrah Bridge'.
In an interview with Nina C George, Priyanka talks about her projects and more.

We hear you play a police constable in 'Second Half'...

Yes I am. The story is a social thriller and delves into the lives of women constables in the police department. The role looks at how those at the constable level one end up doing a lot of the ground work and the credit always goes to the superiors.

What was the best part about playing a constable?
The story looks at how even a constable can make a difference. No job is too small or too big. One can excel in just about any job, provided there is respect and credibility attached to it. This film is a tribute to all women constables.

What is the crux of the story?
This film proves that physical strength is not everything to join the police force. Women too can make good police constables because they have the ability to multi-task. Their strong points are that they are observant and scan the smallest of details.

You have introduced your daughter Aishwarya in 'Howrah Bridge'. Tell us about it?

'Howrah Bridge' is directed by Lohith, who also made 'Mummy'. My daughter was keen to act in after she watched 'Mummy' but I was a little apprehensive because I didn't want her to miss school. 'Howrah Bridge' explores the story of a mother and daughter. The director thought Aishwarya would suit the character and decided to cast her.

What is your role in it?

I play the character of Devaki, a single parent and Aishwarya plays my daughter. She has a very natural style of action. This film has proved to be a good learning experience for her.

How was it to portray the emotions of a single parent?

It was an emotionally draining affair. The content is pretty strong and that's what makes this movie worth watching.

Other projects in the pipeline

I have signed any new films. There have been a lot of women-oriented scripts coming my way and
I am glad that filmmakers are coming to me with different kind of roles.

Have you become a little choosy?

I would like to work on characters and banners where my effort is not wasted. I usually go with my gut feeling when choosing a project.

(Published 14 January 2018, 11:08 IST)

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