While advances are being made in research and development in Solar Energy worldwide, more needs to be done by India, said Dr Madhav Mehra, President, WCCG at an event organised by WEF on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Despite the slowdown, there is funding available for renewable energy. While India is nowhere amongst the leaders in solar technology, China is far ahead. India’s installed capacity is 1,47,959 mega watts while China’s capacity is more than five times, that is 8,00,000 mega watts, he informed.

“Why not every home in Bangalore have solar panel? The government should subsidise each youth willing to harvest.” he said. The government, NGOs and businesses should provide information on how to set up solar farms, solar lanterns and solar panels, he added.

The model includes investing in green issues, vigorously pursuing market mechanisms to punish those who pollute and reward those who save the environment. PROACTIVATE questions the way we live and work and provide alternatives that are easy to implement, he said.

Jija Hari Singh, Director General of Police reminisced about Bangalore of the yesteryears when it was truly the city of gardens. School children formed a human chain. Saplings were distributed and planted on the occasion.

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