Couple commits suicide

Couple commits suicide

Couple commits suicide

 A couple committed suicide by hanging from the ceiling at their house in Sampangiram Nagar on Sunday. The exact reason is yet to be ascertained, the police said.

The deceased have been identified as Parameshwar, (51), and his wife Shashikala,(45). They were residents of S R Nagar 7th Cross.

A senior police officer said that Parameshwar was suffering from mental health issues and Shashikala was depressed over it and might have decided to commit suicide.

Parameshwara who found her hanging in the room hung himself from the same ceiling, the police said.

The incident came to light when their daughter who lives in the same locality called on her parent's phone several times but it went unanswered.

She came to their house and repeatedly knocked on the door. But it was not opened.

With the help of the neighbours, she broke open the doors only to find her parents hanging from the ceiling. She informed the S R Nagar police.

Police are questioning the deceased' family members and relatives to ascertain the exact reason behind the extreme step, the officer added.