Elite runners slam organisers

Last Updated 21 January 2018, 13:34 IST

The elite women runners of the Tata Mumbai Marathon on Sunday  slammed the event organisers, saying there were too many casual runners on the course and that the Metro construction work was also a hindrance.

"It was a quite difficult race as there were a lot of people (casual participants in other non-competitive events) on the road. It was difficult to concentrate," said women's race winner Amane Gobena of Ethiopia at the post-event media conference.

She said she missed receiving water thrice at the five, 15 and 30 km marks.

"It was difficult to get water also and there were too many corners (due  to construction work for Mumbai Metro-3 line)," she said, about the chaotic manner in which the race was held.

Gobena said she knew that despite the hazards she will win the race just past the halfway mark after taking a clear lead.

"I had prepared very well for the race. We (She and Kitur) were together for the first 25 kms, and after 25 kms I knew I was going to win," she said.

"At one point I thought I will break the course record, but as I said there were a lot of people (on the road) and temperature was also rising, So I had to slow down," she said.

"(Metro) construction work was a problem. The last km was difficult as there were a lot of corners," said the Kenyan runner.

Joshua Kipkorir of Kenya, who finished third in the men's race, criticised the pacemakers for dropping out earlier than expected.

"One pacemaker dropped out at 15km and another at 25km," he said.

(Published 21 January 2018, 13:04 IST)

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