Smith rejects ball-tampering suggestions

Smith rejects ball-tampering suggestions

Smith rejects ball-tampering suggestions

Australian captain Steve Smith has shot down suggestions of ball-tampering after video of him using saliva from the corner of his mouth during Sunday's one-day loss to England raised eyebrows.

Smith laughed off the reaction, after watching a replay of the video, saying it was his standard technique for helping shine the white ball with no assistance from any foreign substance.

"It was all spit. People said something about lip balm. If you look at my lips they are pretty dry. I certainly didn't have any of that on," he told reporters.

"It is just the way I get the spit into the side of my mouth and get some spit onto the ball. There was nothing in it."

England last month blasted ball-tampering allegations against them as a "beat-up" after footage of England bowler James Anderson working the ball with his thumbnail drew suspicions during their Ashes test match in Melbourne.

England coach Trevor Bayliss slammed the accusations after former Australian players Shane Warne and Michael Slater suggested it was not allowed.

England sealed the five-match ODI series in Sydney Sunday when a stunning century from Jos Buttler helped the visitors to an unbeatable 3-0 lead -- a remarkable turnaround after Australia had trounced them 4-0 in the Ashes Tests.