Traffic offences to be booked against DL, not RC

Last Updated 24 January 2018, 02:33 IST

Traffic offences will be booked against the driving licence (DL) now, allowing authorities to punish the offender instead of the vehicle owner.

In the present system, cases are recorded against the registration certificate (RC) number.

"Driving offences like riding on the footpath, not wearing helmet, rash and negligent driving will be booked against the rider or driver using details of their DL," said B Dayananda, Transport Commissioner on Tuesday.

"A DL smartcard will contain the history of offences. Those with multiple offences can be suspended," Dayananda added.

The regional transport office will give the police access to the DL data.

"Till now, we were sharing the RC data. Now, police will get access to DL data through our servers. A person who drives different vehicles and violates rules cannot get away as cases will be booked against the DL," officials said.

However, violations regarding fitness certificate, registration certificate, permit, insurance and driving without a licence will still be registered against the RC number.

With the move, officials aim to nail specifically drunk driving offenders.

"Drunk driving is a menace. Registering cases against DLs will help in singling out the offenders regardless of which vehicle they are driving," an official said.

Digilocker soon

The department will soon issue a notification allowing police to check a vehicle's documents through a digilocker app, which will contain DL, fitness certificate, insurance and RC among other documents, said Dayananda.

Now, people need not carry physical copies of the documents with them as the traffic police can check documents online through smart devices.

The department is spreading awareness among the traffic police about the legality of the 'soft copy' of the documents available on the digilocker.

(Published 23 January 2018, 16:28 IST)

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