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So, she has just learnt tutting and has uploaded her take on YouTube. "I think it is my brand of madness that holds me in good stead in the world of films. Seriously, I think it is only my madness that keeps me sane," laughs actor Adah Sharma. Spunky, sparkling, supremely talkative, and someone who speaks her mind in a signature mince-no-words style. Evident as she successfully fobbed off an audacious request from a fan to kiss him during a live interaction at Mumbai airport. The episode went viral online and the petite star was quick to elocute her thoughts and her prerogatives as an individual, with her fans slamming trolls.

Some fan love

"The adulation that I receive from my fans is absolutely brilliant. I feel I am fortunate to have such a strong fan following. I am lucky as they are so supportive whenever I try something different, either with a movie role or a photoshoot or anything. I am one of the lucky actors to have awesome fan clubs posting such cool edits and writing amazing stuff to me out there. I find it very touching and encouraging. My fans range from  class six girls to adults," enthuses Adah.

Adah's repertoire includes Telugu box office spinners in Heart Attack, S/O Satyamurthy, Subramanyam for Sale, Garam, Kshanam, and in the Kannada thriller, Rana Vikrama. She made her debut in commercial Hindi cinema with the horror film 1920, and then went on to star in Hasee Toh Phasee with Parineeti Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra. Of course, she has been winning hearts with her endearing smile in ad-films, including the recent one for Center Fresh, with actor Dhanush, and yet another superb take with Nescafe Sunrise.

"You know, it feels nice to know that people have watched my movies with so much interest when they quote dialogues in front of me. My favourites are sometimes the ones that I have had the most fun shooting: the scene from Kshanam where I kill myself by jumping off the window is memorable as I found it creatively satisfying to shoot. Then the part in Commando 2 where I flirt, horribly, overact and spill my drink on Jimmy was mad fun; in Hasee Toh Phasee, the bit where Sidharth Malhotra and I are expressing our disgust for mangoes with just our facial expressions, and like a 100 moments in 1920..." she reels off counting on her fingers. "I have enjoyed shooting for every film and now I simply want to be offered interesting roles," she says.

"I think I am creative, kind and strange. And yes, my biggest challenge as an actor is not sweating when it is 50 degrees!" she says, her sense of humour in full glow. Adah, a simple, family-loving girl at heart, is super close to her mother. "I live with my mother and yet I constantly call her up even when away from home or at a  shoot. I call her up more than five times a day," she confesses. Another confession? "I simply love pani puri, can write with both hands, and can fly when no one is looking."  

Fitness first

The lissome heroine believes in staying fit, yet her fitness routine changes every day. Being a trained gymnast has certainly helped her in improving her body language in front of the camera... "Sometimes, you have to undo it, depending on the character. I simply can't be walking around poised with my spine erect at all times, but yes, my training does help in being graceful while posing during photoshoots and for pictures in public spaces," she confesses.

"I dance when I am at home. We have converted the living room into a dance studio so there is no furniture in my house anymore," she shares. "When I'm near a beach, I work out on the sand. Else, I do suryanamaskars in my room during very hectic shoots."

What's next? "I am busy shooting for Charlie Chaplin 2, have just wrapped up playing judge for the reality dance show on the telly, Nach Baliye, down South, and then Commando 3 goes on the floor soon enough next year. And there are more projects that will formally be announced soon," she signs off.

(Published 27 January 2018, 05:20 IST)

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