Shades of Sandy

Shades of Sandy

Shades of Sandy

This button-eyed, creature on the road greeted my daughter and me as we drove out of our gated community. She wagged her curly tail befriending everyone that passed by and soon gained entry to our apartment complex.

With a bit of medical care and protection, very quickly she became a household name amongst 250 houses. We named her 'Sandy' because of her fawn coloured coat and gave her the title of our official 'guardian community dog'!

Sandy soon became a very efficient guard dog who kept other wandering animals away and helped the security guards by accompanying them on their security check of the property. On several occasions, Sandy alerted the guards of the lurking danger of snakes in the bushes at night. Many of these guards regarded her very highly and grew very fond of her. For a lonely job of a security guard, Sandy was a welcome companion.

Although many loved her, there were a few who were sceptical of having Sandy around. With support from people who loved her, Sandy came out as a winner. She made friends with pets that lived in the community and walked with them during their walks. She accompanied residents to nearby shops and received yummy biscuits in return as treats.

She was rather fond of children and even accompanied them to the bus stop every morning to send them off to school. The young and old lost their hearts to this little loving, loyal and adorable girl. The relationship she developed with all of us was like a beautiful love affair!!

Most importantly, she has taught all people, who have crossed paths with her, the beauty of being kind and caring. She has brought smiles to many faces. Now, after nearly 12-years of serving and loving the community, Sandy has been retired because of loss of vision due to old age. She is now assisted in her walks on the road that she roamed around happily calling her own.

Several friends, she has made over the years provide her with care and support in her retirement years a well-deserved break. This 'fur-ever-friend' has given the best years of her life to the community and needs to be applauded from the bottom of our hearts.

The unconditional love and undemanding devotion to duty for the past decade is what she has given us. As she now sits quietly at the security post, passers-by praise our community for the kindness shown towards Sandy.

All I can think of is the quote by Sidney Jeanne Seward, "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog". Sandy has deeply enhanced our lives and awakened the value of compassion in many of us.

There are many more such Sandys out there waiting to be loved.