Today's letters.

Today's letters.


IPL, an Indian Success Story
Miandad's demand that IPL should be supervised by ICC is an unwarranted suggestion. His remark that IPL is not confined to India because of the participation of non Indian players only shows his ignorance. The IPL has been framed on the lines of big sports league’s in the west like the foot ball leagues in England, Italy and other European countries.

Is there any guarantee that the ICC administration is free from corruption? The only thing which is required right now is to clear the event from the clutches all sorts of selfish elements and refine its administration. The IPL as such is a successful event which has brought cricket on par with foot ball leagues in the west in spite of only a handful of countries participating. It has also been a major source of income for deserving full time cricketers who would otherwise be struggling in the national circuit at least from the financial perspective.

The BCCI should keep the interests of the players and above all the nation in mind before initiating a new course of action. The IPL is an Indian success story and it should be kept that way.


IPL, another public gimmick
As more and more skeletons tumble out of the IPL closet it is evident that this tournament, which was touted as the biggest sporting extravaganza by its sponsors, was nothing but the sleaziest gambling in recent times. What is more intriguing is the union government's ineptitude in handling IPL'S financial books  in spite of having foreknowledge of its murky deals. It is surprising as to why the government didn't disciplne them earlier. Was it because some powerful people in the government and the ruling party were also involved in all the shady deals? Considering that a large number of big businessmen, prominent personalities from the glamour world of sports and films and above all the wily politicians from almost all the political  parties seem to have had a role in this fraud, it is quite certain the truth will never come out of any government investigation. The various investigations going on are just mere charades for public consumption.

Mumbai 400 088

Regional Chauvinism
This is with reference to the article "Azhagiri to get Tamil interpreter in Parliament" dated 27th April, 2010. I wonder how Azhagiri managed to get a minister’s post at the center in spite of his complete ignorance of both Hindi and English. I feel this is the height of chauvinism shown by Azhagiri. The reasons given by him for abstaining from the Parliament sessions is nonsensical and does not go down well with the people of India. It should be made compulsory for every central minister to speak either in English or Hindi. Azhagiri should remember that he is not a minister in the Tamil Nadu State Cabinet. By providing an interpreter to the minister, the speaker is sending out wrong signals to other MP's, which will encourage other regional MP's to demand the same. The day is not far  when India consisting of 28 states will become 28 countries. God bless our country!

Karanth R.K

Gujarat and Gadkari
Gujarat riots were unfortunate. But when riots take place in other states, why aren't governments and chief ministers blamed for that?" so said the BJP president Nitin Gadkari.  Sounds strange…nobody should know better than him that the Gujarat riots have been acknowledged as extraordinary by the whole world. The anti-Muslim violence of 2002 and Delhi’s 1984 anti-Sikh violence will always be remembered together. Gujarat’s Chief Minister has avoided many questions pertaining to the events of February/March 2002.  The BJP should admit that in the horrendous things which happened in Gujarat in 2002 the role of the Chief Minister was nowhere close to Raj Dharma.

 Dr Mookhi Amir Al
 Mumbai  400054

Ignorant Invigilators
This is with reference to your article 'AIEEE no match for IIT JEE'. My son took the AIEEE exam at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Railway Colony, Bangalore. He was in room 11 where the invigilator mistook the last 10min warning bell as the final bell and took the papers away.

My son was denied the last 10min of exam time which would have a huge bearing on his overall ranking. Who do I blame? The invigilator or his fate? Invigilators should be trained or counseled appropriately about the conduct of the exams as these are crucial determinants of the future studies and career aspirations of the students.

 Sudha Prakash