'Increase in complaints of illegitimate relationship'

'Increase in complaints of illegitimate relationship'

"Kasturba Sadana and Family Counselling Centre have been registering a large number of cases pertaining to illegitimate relationship, infidelity and suspicion cases," said Kasturba Sadana secretary Mohini Sidde Gowda.

Speaking to reporters, she said, "A man had called the centre and sought a solution to the selfie habit of his wife, who has been uploading her photos on social media and enjoying the comments she has been receiving. Even her grown-up children are embarrassed by her behaviour. We are trying to counsel her and solve her problem".

In a complaint by a teacher from Sakharayapattana hobli, a woman said that her ATM card was with her husband, who withdrew her entire salary. Sadana ensured that the salary reached the teacher's hand. Now, she has filed a divorce case in the court. Cases pertaining to disowning the parents are also increasing. In addition, there are atrocity cases on women as well.

Kasturba Sadana and Family Counselling Centre have received 50 cases from July 2017 to January 2018. In addition, there were already 28 pending cases.

Kasturba Sadana Santwana Centre has registered 108 cases from April 2017 to January 2018, of which 95 cases have been disposed.