The energy said it all

The energy said it all

Sports freaks

The energy said it all

Lungi race in process.

It was sporting at its best. There was every conceivable equipment and enthusiasts didn’t miss a chance to experiment and ride on the different sporting equipment available.

The passion shone through and through in all its glory at an event organised by Decathlon.

The event was quite a treat and one could have brought along members of the family, friends and employees who could get a feel of interactive games and a couple of interesting sports.

The games are designed to be fun rather than competitive. Lots of sports activities were planned most of which were innovative, in keeping with the ingenuity of some of the products themselves.

Some of the events that generated a lot of noise on the ground were Mr and Ms Lungi, a fun race. Others games which kept everyone busy were thwack and petang. And something that couldn't be missed were people Zorbing around in the huge orb made of transparent plastic.

The place was packed with people of all age groups. One saw a bunch of kids roller blading across the store and even more excited adults cycling about the place.
From fancy kites that you wouldn't even know existed, cycles, roller skates to kiddie tennis, the place was full of eager sports enthusiasts.

“Visiting the place is a picnic of sorts. We get together, show up here and play. The shopping is incidental,” said Rajesh Vorkady, a sports enthusiast.

Other attractions inside were the mountain bikes and trekking equipment which captured the interest of sports enthusiasts.

“With a lot of people taking cycling more seriously and even taking them to offices, cycling has become quite a rage in the City,” said Ravi, a professional.

Another sport that saw some interest was a tennis kit for beginners which had small children practising their strokes with.

Once inside the place, something that you couldn't ignore was the enthusiasm that Bangaloreans had for sports. “While not everyone plays sports on a professional level, the option of trying out new things is something that makes sports interesting,” said Dhiren Shetty.

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