Jealous man, wife and friend end lives

Jealous man, wife and friend end lives

The persons who took their lives were Nanjundi (32), his wife Ganga (25) and her colleague Siddaraju (35).  The couple Nanjundi and Ganga, residents of Subramanya Nagar had two children Gagan (9) and Nikith (7). Nanjundi was working as a writer at RMC Yard, Tumkur while his wife was a tailor at a garment factory.

Initially, police suspected an extramarital affair that might have led to the three persons taking extreme step but preliminary investigations revealed that the husband had misunderstood the friendship and consumed poison.

Police said that for the last seven months, Ganga was close to her colleague Siddaraju. Kamala, a relative of Nanjundi who also works at the same factory started blackmailing them. She threatened to spread rumours of ‘affair’ and tarnish their image. Initially, the two were scared but when she demanded money, they ignored her. Enraged, Kamala met Nanjundi and poisoned his mind.

Nanjundi picked up a fight with his wife and at one point threatened he would drop in at her work place and raise a ruckus. In the melee, he turned emotional and consumed poison. Ganga called Siddaraju and informed about her husband’s threat of public exposure.

Fearing consequences, the two consumed poison and their bodies were found lying on the road side, near Mysore Lamps factory. Ganga never knew about her husband's death nor he was aware of her move to take her life. Police have found a detailed death note in which Ganga blamed Kamala for the whole mixup that led to the tragedy.