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Q I’m 18 years old and weigh 38 kg. How can I increase my weight?

A The key to gaining weight lies in a balanced diet and regular exercise. I would recommend a protein-rich diet with eggs, milk, curds, lentils, sprouts, beans, peas, lean meat and fish.
Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and cereals. You should start cardio training (e.g. aerobics) and resistant training (e.g. resistant bands/ weights etc) on alternate days. If you follow this for at least 6-8 months, you will start seeing some positive results.

Q I am a 16-year-old girl, 5 feet tall  and I weigh 38 kg. I am short despite playing basketball. How can I increase my  height?

A  As you are just 16 years old, you have another three-four years to grow taller. Playing basketball is a great way to increase your height. However, it is important to incorporate a variety of physical activities into your routine. Try sports like badminton, throwball, tennis, swimming. Eat protein-rich food such as sprouts, legumes, peas, beans, milk, milk products (curds, cheese), lean meats and fish. Complement the diet with whole grain cereals and bread. Seasonal fruits (2+ servings/ day) and vegetables (3+ servings/ day) are mandatory. If you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, you will definitely reach your height and weight goals.

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