Nanu Nanna Kanasu

Tugging at the heartstrings

Nanu Nanna Kanasu

Prakash Rai and Amoolya in the film.

Prakash Rai chooses to tell one of his favourite stories himself to Kannada movie buffs with “Nanu Nanna Kanasu.” A story that’s already critically well appreciated in Tamil Nadu, bringing laurels to actress Trisha and cementing Rai’s awesome reputation.

“Nanu Nanna Kanasu” is  vintage wine, matured long and slow in the recesses of the mind, that has to be savoured “ahista, ahista.” Without trying to be preachy or tugging the heartstrings, the story (Radha Mohan) wraps itself around the consciousness. The characters are kept at a minimum; yet each one embellishes the story in its own way. There are songs which do not interrupt the story. There are breathtaking visuals competing with the stock ones; they express the director’s unspoken desires. Rai has got his set of actors to act natural and the effect is awesome. Sithara is a fine partner in his schemes; so are Rajesh and Achyuth Kumar. Amoolya is cute and seems to have acquired a new level of maturity.

Without taking anything away from her performance, it must however be said that the chemistry between Prakash Raj and Trisha is missing here. This role is a big leap for Amoolya. For, who can compete with the actor-demon Prakash Rai in films like these? At one point of time, his character says, “The birth of a child also means the birth of a father. While the child grew, this father stopped growing somewhere.”

That shouldn't be the case of the audience, who may discover some of the pleasures of plain, good old cinema. For, Prakash Rai’s “Kanasu” is the Kanasu of every father here.

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