Winners and losers of Kalasa hobli

Winners and losers of Kalasa hobli

In Kalasa Panchayat that has 29 members in all, 11 JD(S)-supported candidates, 9 congress-supported candidates and 8 BJP-supported candidates and one Independent candidate have emerged victorious.

Janatha Dal Secretary Santhosh, Youth Janatha Dal President Rafeeq, Youth Congress President Anil D’Souza, Bharath Raj, Vasudeva, Malnad Hitarakshana Vedike Secretary K L Vasu are among the winners. Main losers include K R Sheshagiri and Gopal Shetty.

Though K R Sheshagiri had secured maximum votes in the general category of Mavinakere block, he has to lose his position to Rafeeq who was in second place in BCM ‘A’ category. In Marasanige, Independent candidate Mahendra too won in the same way. In Kalaseshwaranagar, Anil D’Souza won with a margin of 130 votes.

Among the 10 seats in Marasanige Panchayat, Congress secured 9 while the rest one was

Out of 12 seats in Idakini, 6 were won by Congress-supported candidates, three each by JD(S) and BJP-supported candidates.

In Horanadu and Samse, the BJP-supported candidates have secured the lion’s share. In Horanadu, the BJP supported candidates won six out of the total seven seats. Of the 16 seats in Samse, the BJP has won 11 seats.

JDS supported candidates have won five seats. Sripalaiah and Vijay Kumar who had won six elections consecutively, are now shocked by their defeat.