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Last Updated 19 May 2010, 13:22 IST

Poorna Kumar
National Public School, Indiranagar

Poorna Kumar is ecstatic about her results. Scoring 97 per cent is not a small thing after all. “I am very happy about my marks,” she says. Talking about her preparation she says, “I didn’t study throughout the year because of my coaching classes for competitive exams and my board exam preparation was only during the study holidays.” Her mother Shraddha Kumar is elated. “She has always been a bright child and is a self-driven student,” she says.

So what does she do in her spare time? “I like swimming and reading fiction,” Poorna says. She has also started learning Indian classical music. “I am just a beginner,” she says. About her plans for further studies, she shares, “I’m waiting for the results of engineering entrance exams. I will choose a branch depending on where I get in.”

Her mother agrees, “I just want her to do whatever she is good at,” she says.

Srikar Settur
National Public School, Rajajinagar

Srikar is on cloud nine. And why shouldn’t he be. This student of National Public School, Rajajinagar has topped in Class 12, CBSE board, in Bangalore with 96.8 per cent. And to add to that he has also scored a complete 100 in Maths. “He used to study most of the time,” says Annapurna Settur, an overjoyed mother of Srikar.

Srikar, on the other hand, preferred to stay calm. “I studied normally for the exams, around five hours every day,” he says. “I had gone through the question papers of last ten years to get an idea of question pattern,” he says.

And what about free time? “I used to watch television in my free time or sometimes play badminton,” he says. “I used to read a lot of fiction earlier, but of late, I had stopped reading,” he adds.

Talking about his future plans he says he is waiting for the results of competitive exams. “I have written entrance exams like IITJEE and AIEEE,” he informs.

So, is it his dream to become an engineer? “Yes. I want to do electrical or computer engineering from IIT,” he says.

Even his mother agrees. “He always wanted to do engineering.” And what about his friends? “They have been calling since morning to congratulate me. All of them are very happy for me,” he says.

Divya Kathiresan
CMR National Public School

For Divya, it was constant hard work from day one. She studies consistently and is firm about becoming an engineer. She did her chapters regularly and also worked on a lot of old question papers which helped her. Divya says, “I didn’t expect to score so much but now that I’ve actually got it, I am happy and excited. I feel on top of the world. I went for coaching regularly and prepared every day.” She says that she didn’t have any time for extracurricular activities.

Divya also says that she concentrated more on entrance exams like IIT, AIEEE, CET, BITS Pilani than on the board exam. “I’ve been attending coaching for IIT and it has helped me immensely both in my board exam as well as other competitive exams. I expected a little more in chemistry. Maths paper was a little difficult but finally I’ve got good marks.”

Divya attributes her success to her parents, teachers and also her brother. “My teachers were available whenever I called them. They had given us their personal numbers and were very helpful.”

Electronics or computer science is the subject that Divya wants to pursue.

Manasa A
National Public School, Rajajinagar

Manasa has all the reasons in the world to be happy about. With a score of 95.8 per cent in Class 12 exams, this young student from National Public School has made her parents proud. “My parents are on the top of the world,” says Manasa.

“We are very proud of her. One year of hard work has finally paid off today,” says Girija B R, her mother. Talking about the study plan that she followed, Manasa says, “Our school has continuous assessments and tests which kept me on my toes.” So no coaching classes for her? “I did take coaching in physics, chemistry and maths for the competitive exams,” she says.

But surprisingly, this medical aspirant didn’t take coaching in biology. “I have excellent biology teachers at my school, so I didn’t require any outside help,” she informs.

Her mother adds, “Now that her results are out, we feel much more confident of her competitive exam results.” What about her hobbies? “I play Veena and also paint occasionally,” she says. How does she find time for Veena lessons in between her busy schedule? “I have been learning it since I was in 7th standard but discontinued it recently.

Hopefully, I will take it up again soon,” she says, happily. And is she expecting any gift from her parents now? “Let’s see, I don’t know yet.” 

Athira Pramod
Army Public School

After studying hard for two years, Athira Pramod today is one among the top rankers. She wants to become a doctor and is studying hard to reach her goal. For Class 12 exam, she spent at least six hours on studies. Athira says, “I would utilise all my time efficiently and also studied right things at the right time. A thorough revision also helped me score well.”

Like other science students, Athira too has appeared for entrance exams. “I’ve written the CET, AIEEE and medical entrance exam AIPMT and other states’ CET exams as well.”
She says private tuition, parents, teachers and friends helped her a lot. “My teachers were very helpful, they would spend extra time with me after school hours and rectify the mistakes.”

Lack of time restrained Athira from involving herself in extracurricular activities, but she likes to read Harry Potter.  

Ranjini A
Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hebbal

Sitting up late in the night, working out old question papers, constant revisions and also attending coaching classes seem to have paid well for Ranjini. She is very excited about her marks and just can’t think of anything else except a seat in a good engineering college. “I am happy that I’ve got such good marks, my parents are also very happy. I’ve got the highest in maths that it was something that I had expected and I feel very content today.”

Four hours of rigorous studies daily helped Ranjini come out with flying colours. “I would not go to bed a single day without studying anything. During study holidays, I spent time on revising.”

Ranjini didn’t participate in extracurricular activities as she had no time as she had to appear for entrance tests as well.

“In these last two years, all I did was studied and slept. I did not find much time for any hobbies as well.”

Anirudh Wodeyar
National Hillview Public School

Anirudh Wodeyar, in his own words, is an all-rounder. “I try to be at least,” he says modestly after scoring 95.4 per cent in CBSE 12 examination. “I am thrilled about my marks and was just expecting about 90 per cent,” he says. Talking about his preparation he adds, “According to me, I studied a lot but my mother thinks otherwise.”

Asha Wodeyar, his mother agrees, “I was actually expecting him to do a lot better but am happy with the results.”  Anirudh is the vice-captain of his school and has other interests too. “I play a lot of basketball and when I get time, I play some computer games too,” he says.

Anirudh says he plays basketball seriously but just missed making it to the school team.
His future plans include getting through the engineering competitive exams. “I want to get into BITS, Pilani and study either chemical or computer science,” he says.

“Engineering is something he has long been planing to study and he wants to finally get into robotics,” says Asha.

(Published 19 May 2010, 13:22 IST)

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