Women in Lucknow term fatwa irrelevant

Women in Lucknow term fatwa irrelevant

 They also felt that the fatwa, though, would be ignored by the educated Muslim women, might have an impact on illiterate womenfolk.

“Islam does not bar Muslim women from working in government or private offices with men,” Saghira Fatima, an employee with the Uttar Pradesh PWD department, told Deccan Herald.
“We consider our colleagues as members of our own family,” she said adding that every working woman, whether she is a Muslim or from any other community, can perform her duty without violating the provisions of her religion.

“We know very well how to dress... we cover ourselves as much as is essential,” Fatima said. She added that she never faced any problem at her workplace.
Shazia, who is associated with the Department of Mass Communication in a private university, said that she totally disagreed with the fatwa. “If Muslim men can work freely, why can’t Muslim women,” she asked.

Scribe with an english daily Saheera Naeem went a step further and termed the fatwa ‘un-Islamic’. “There is evidence to prove that Muslim women worked even during the time of the Prophet,” she said. SP

Some noted fatwas 
*  Ayatullah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie’s book ‘Satanic Verses’.
*  The religious establishment in Bangladesh against  Taslima Nasrin’s writings.
*  Fatwa issued a few years ago and in 2001 against two High Court judges who declared, suo moto, all Fatwa illegal.
*  Tobacco-prohibiting fatwa during the anti-Tobacco Movement (1890-1892) in Iran, directed against the British rule.
*  Fatwa issued during the Khilafat Movement of 1920s in India, again, against the British colonial rule and declaring India Darul Harb (a state of ongoing conflict, particularly with Muslims).
*  Faraizi Movement (1805), led by Haji Shariatullah, issued a similar Fatwa in Bengal, rendering major Fards (obligatory religious duties) non-obligatory under the non-Muslim rule in India.

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