South India emerges most bullish job market

A survey conducted by global staffing services firm Manpower showed that employers in the four regions of India  — North, West, South and East — have positive employment expectations, with a whopping 41 per cent in the southern region expecting brisk hiring activity.
"Employers in the South anticipate brisk hiring activity (with an employment outlook of 41 per cent)," Manpower said while releasing the Employment Outlook Survey for the third quarter, here today.
When it comes to hiring plans for the next three months, Northern and Western regions have the "weakest outlook of 13 per cent" and in the Eastern part 22 per cent of the employers expect positive hiring activity in the next three months.
"There is a good hiring intent in the South compared to rest of the regions in the country," Managing Director of Manpower India Naresh Malhan said.
According to him, one of the reasons for the encouraging trend is that many new telecom players are expanding their presence in the South.

Besides, the employers in South adopted the "right sizing" attitude much early and that is the main reason why this region is able to open up at a time when the other parts of the country are bracing up to the current difficult situation, he added.
Malhan said in other regions, many employers anticipate that they may not hire while a few even expect to see downsizing.
In an year-over-year regional comparison, employers in the North reported the sharpest decline of 39 percentage points, followed by a 30 percentage points decline in the West, a 10 percentage points fall in the East and a 2 percentage point fall in the South.
Overall, India is the most optimistic nation in the world, with 19 per cent of the employers anticipating positive hiring activity in the third quarter.
Nearly 4,800 employers spread across 30 cities took part in the survey which was conducted in the mid-April.
Going by the survey public administration and the education sector are witnessing increased optimism, with employers in these segments having improved hiring plans. While, finance, insurance and real estate sector employers report the least optimistic hiring intentions with a net employment outlook of 11 per cent.

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