Never enough time

Never enough time

No matter how hard they try to get things done, they find it hard to meet the deadline. They are always running behind the time. One wonders how come in olden times people could manage to fill the same amount of time, the same twenty four hours in a day with leisure? They had so much time on their hands that they had to “kill” it! What has changed now?

Osho says it is not the time but the mind that has changed. Technology has increased our sense of urgency. Machines have taken over the jobs that were done manually. It is a strange paradox: machines finish the jobs faster, man can reach the destination in a shorter time, the means of communication work with the speed of light. All this has developed a speed mania in people. It is funny, they want to do things faster and save time, but they end up delaying everything.

The physical time is the same but the psychological time has taken a summersault. The psychological time is the pressure people feel in their minds. Now time is so precious to everyone that we have to budget our time and treat it as a resource. Money is aplenty, time is not.

According to a time management sutra, “Just as a well-run business follows a budget in spending money, an effective businessperson should also follow a budget in spending time.”

Alec Mackenzie in his classic book ‘The Time Trap’ asks us to take a look at time wasters. And they are very simple things; so simple that normally nobody would even account them as time wasters.

* Telephone interruptions, can’t delegate the work, postponement, lack of system, day-dreaming, emotional turmoil… you can make your own list.

* Not loving the work you do can be a major time waster. If the work is a drag, the mind becomes heavier, and it takes longer to finish a job.

* The crunch of time is also felt because there are too many options before each person: new skills to be learnt, new avenues to be explored.

If anything that can help you get even with time, it is meditation. As you meditate, you touch the source of your life energy. You become integrated. The mind is not distracted and you can manage the same activities in less amount of time. There is a clarity, a luminosity within. In the luminous space of meditation you realize that you need not find time because you have never lost it. You are living it!