Woman, lover killed by kin in Delhi

Woman, lover killed by kin in Delhi

The incident was reported from South Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar and the victims have been identified as Uttam Kumar and Anju. Six persons, including Anju’s husband Karambir, were arrested in this regard.

Investigators found that Anju was murdered allegedly by Karambir on June 22, to which he admitted later during interrogation, the police said.

A senior police official said it also came to light that Anju was simultaneously having a relationship with another man, Naveen Kumar, who is her neighbour and works as a driver with a bank manager.

“She was in contact with him for the last few months and on June 19 night, she was speaking to him over the phone. When confronted, Naveen spilled the beans,” the police official said.

Naveen told the police that he alongwith Karambir and his brothers Deepak, Manoj and Shokeen and one of his brothers-in-law Rishi were involved in the killings, the official claimed.

On the night of June 19 “Anju was having frequent talks with Naveen without letting him know that she had already invited Uttam Kumar to her house. After the conversation, when taking a stroll, Naveen found that a motorcycle was parked outside her house,” the official said.

He called Anju but her mobile phone was switched off. He knocked the door on which Anju peeped from inside the room but did not open it.

“Naveen got angry and called Karambir’s brother Manoj who then informed Karambir and his cousins Shokeen and Jagphool. Rishi also reached the spot. They all barged into the house and caught hold of Kumar and started thrashing him,” the official said. They then allegedly forced Kumar into a car. He tried to resist but was overpowered. They threw his body into a 100-feet-deep well on Sabi River bridge ,” the official said.