Free treatment for Bidar boy

Free treatment for Bidar boy

Victoria Hospital performs seventh surgery following ministers direction

Free treatment for Bidar boy

Sriramulu told the Assembly of his direction to the hospital when Bandeppa Kashampur (JD-S) drew the attention of the government to the plight of the boy which was published in Deccan Herald on July 2.

“They (the boy and his family) met me and I have offered them assistance. He has already undergone six surgeries. He will be undergoing one more,” Sriramulu said.

Surgical debridement (skin grafting) conducted for the seventh time on Rathikanth on Tuesday. Tippanna, the boy’s father told Deccan Herald that doctors at the hospital are suggesting amputation to save his son's life.

“Doctors have told me that even if skin grafting is done continuously, infection might cause further problems. With no other option, I have agreed for amputation,” Tippanna said.

However, Dr B G Tilak, medical superintendent of the hospital said they will not resort to amputation right away as they still need to investigate the case.

Rathikant would have lost his life had Victoria Hospital not admitted him and intervened with immediate medical attention, Dr N Vijaya Kumar, head of Orthopaedic department, said. When the boy came to the hospital on June 6, he was diagnosed with Volkman's ischemic contracture (lack of blood flow in the forearm). Added to this, he had septicemia (where the wound gets infected and can threaten the person's life).

“He could have died if not treated in a day or two due to the septicemia. However, the damage to limb was irreversible when he came,” he said.

Kumar felt that Rathikant's case was “totally mismanaged” from the start. He should have been immediately given medical attention. “One of the private hospitals the family visited could have saved his life but they promptly refused,” he said.

Tilak said that the treatment provided to Rathikant was free and if amputation was done, the family would not be charged for the surgery.