In-law, driver held for murder attempt

In-law, driver held for murder attempt

The arrested are Nagarathna (42), wife of Muralidhara and a resident of Bangalore and Abdul Jabbar (40), a bus driver in a private company in Bangalore.

According to the police, Nagarathna had conspired to murder her brother-in-law Manjunath, a resident of Mysore, with the help of Jabbar and she had already paid a sum of Rs 20,000 to Jabbar to execute her plan.

On July 4, Jabbar, who followed Manjunath, stabbed him at B C Road and fled the scene presuming that Manjunath is dead.

However, luck favoured Manjunath as he was saved by passersby who shifted him to a hospital.

Incidentally, Manjunath was released from the jail on July 3 after serving a 5-month sentence in a case and Nagarathna had reportedly come to receive Manjunath upon his release.