'Breaking-up is easy to do'

'Breaking-up is easy to do'

'Breaking-up is easy to do'

Confusing: Love Aaj Kal dealt with relationship problems.

They meet at some point in time and get into a relationship. But after some time, because of diverse ambitions and career choices, the couple decides to put an end to their relationship. So they throw a ‘break up’ party and go different ways. This was the gist of the Bollywood movie Love Aaj Kal.

But this not just a story. It happens in the lives of Gen-Y too. Breaking-up is a common thing these days. In the process, feelings may be hurt, a bond may be broken, and the relationship itself could cease or mutate into a bad scenario. Instead of allowing the relationship to become sour, couples these days are putting an end to it in a decent manner.

Rohan, an engineering student, is now out of a relationship. He threw a party to his girlfriend before breaking up. “We were good friends for two years. As time passed, I felt that our wavelength did not match at all and there was no meaning in going forward. So I decided to break up. One fine day, I took her to a mall, bought her whatever she wanted, spent half-a-day with her. She didn’t have a clue that we were going to break up. Finally, I conveyed my decision. Though she was shocked a bit, she respected my decision,’’ he explains.

Tired of the weird behaviour of his girl friend, Sourabh, a professional, ended his relationship with her.

“I was fed up of her drinking. My attempts to stop her from consuming alcohol went in vein. Ultimately, I took her to a pub and ordered whatever she wanted. She was surprised but I kept quiet. After dropping her to her PG accommodation, I send her a message saying that I am breaking the relationship. The next day, I changed my mobile number and put my relationship status as ‘single’ on social networking site,’’ he informs.
Youngsters say that one should respect the personal space of the other. Otherwise, the relationship will become too tough to handle.

“I had great respect for our relationship. But within a short span of time, I came to know that my boyfriend was not my type. He started restricting me from everything. I could not tolerate him anymore and hence I decided to leave the relationship. I informed him the same clearly and came out of it silently,” says Sherlie, a student.

College students say ‘contract love’ is in vogue these days. “It's a mutual understanding between a boy and a girl when they enter the college. They continue in the relationship till the completion of their course. If they are interested, they will move forward. Otherwise, they throw a break-up party for each other and end their relation in a formal way,” says Ankit, a student. He adds, “As I noticed, most of the relationships end up in a bad way, hurting the people involved. So, it is always better to be careful while entering into a relationship.’’