Beef ban Bill tabled in Council

Beef ban Bill tabled in Council

Opposition puts up stiff resistance

The Opposition sought a voting on introduction of the Bill as well as referring the issue to a select committee of the Council. Both the times it had to face defeat with the 27 members of the BJP voting favouring the introduction of the Bill, while 23 went against it. Similar was the result when JD (S) member M C Nanaiah's request to refer the Bill to a select committee, instead of debating in the House. The BJP has 41 MLCs in the 75 member House.

Earlier, when Animal Husbandry Minister Revu Naik Belamagi stood up to introduce the Bill, there was a stiff opposition from the JD(S) and the Congress members. Later, Chairman D H Shankarmuthy, conceding the request of Nanaiah, allowed the division of votes.

After facing the defeat too, Nanaiah sought a voting on whether the issue should be referred to a select committee or debated. Again the Treasury benches secured 27 votes and thus defeated the Opposition.

Following the victory, Home Minister Acharya requested the chair to allow the discussion. But Nanaiah stiffly opposed it and insisted that the discussion should be allowed only on Monday as decided at a meeting held at the Chairman’s chamber on Wednesday.

The JD (S) leader also said the entire Opposition would walkout and would never participate in the House business as long as the BJP was in power. Later, Acharya conceded to the demand.