BJP in soul searching mode

BJP in soul searching mode

The Chief Minister and BJP State President K S Eshwarappa reviewed two years’ performance of each minister, discussed about their plans for the next three years and ways for the effective implementation of the budgetary programmes. A detailed review of Housing, Labour and Revenue departments was also done during the meeting, sources said.

Except for Tourism Minister Janardhana Reddy, Health Minister Sriramulu and Science and Technology Minister Anand Asnotikar, all ministers attended. The three ministers had taken the permission to keep off the meeting, which is a follow up of Suraj Sankalp workshop that the BJP national party had organised to the Chief Ministers of all the party ruled States in Mumbai recently.

Team of experts

The two leaders asked the ministers to set up a team of experts to guide them in improving the performance. “If necessary, the party will help ministers in forming the teams. Experts may be former bureaucrats and academicians. They can contribute immensely in providing better administration. Now development is being done haphazardly. We want to it to happen in an organised manner,” Eshwarappa told reporters after the meeting.

Besides improving the administration, the aim of the meeting was to strengthen the party. All ministers have been directed to hold party meetings at their respective districts on second Saturday of every month, Eshwarappa said.

Asked which are the departments that have not performed up to the mark, he said the meeting was not called to assess the performance and give any grades. “Neither we (CM and Eshwarappa) are teachers nor they (ministers) are students. Nobody is perfect and there will be scope for everybody to improve,” he stated.

He also denied that exercise is aimed at the cabinet reshuffle, likely after the ongoing Legislature session.