School uniforms turning trendy

School uniforms turning trendy

School uniforms turning trendy

However, that may change now as an increasing number of schools are opting for trendy, designer uniforms.

Many schools agree that a child in a school uniform is more likely to take school seriously. And that is the reason why uniforms gained an entry into the kindergarten level, where children were earlier seen in ‘play clothes’.

It is tricky to conceptualise uniforms for children because both discipline and comfort should be incorporated in the design. To do this tricky job, many schools have opted for designers to transform their uniforms into voguish ones.

Director of Eduland Vijayashree asserts that uniforms should impart culture to young ones. Most importantly, it should be cost effective too. “We have opted for khadi as a fabric for the uniforms. It is comfortable and low-cost.”

Schools are getting innovative with styles, like Alpha Kids Pre-school which introduced “skots” for the little girls, a combination of skirts and shorts.

S Dheeraj, director of DNA design studio that designs uniforms explains that comfort, and colour schemes are a few important aspects to keep in mind while designing uniforms. Some schools insist on innovative and contemporary designs to stay ahead in the league. “We go a step further by sending the fabric for testing. Basically to make sure they are non-allergic,” he adds.

Uniforms go beyond serving the purpose of discipline. Uniforms are used as a medium of branding, which reflect the values and stature of the school.

Robert Kin, Headmaster of Bethany High School, agrees that the toddlers should look smart and trendy uniforms enhance their personality. “The students are identified by their uniforms outside the school. That’s the reason we roped in a renowned designer to create our uniforms.”

On the other side, there are kindergarten schools that do not see uniforms as a must, as schooling is more about imparting knowledge. Some fight it out saying wearing school uniform helps in building school spirit and instilling a sense of belonging.

Whatever the reasons, designer uniforms are a trend that appears to be gaining ground.