Gen Y wants fast success, faster money: Study

Gen Y wants fast success, faster money: Study

The jet(age)sons

Meet the “Gen Y” professional in India, whose behavioural pattern has come out probably for the first time in a study carried out in three of the world’s most happening nations — India, China and the United States.

The study, focused on office environment vis-à-vis young professionals, has found that the typical Indian Gen Y professional is optimistic about new possibilities and the future, has a drive for entrepreneurship and making a difference, and carries a keen sense of competition at both regional and global levels.

For him or her, as the case may be, work is essential, but the focus is on shortening the process, and it is now no more “family first” but “me first” in personal life, as in “my work, my friends, my things, and my world”, the study by global office space developer Steelcase has found out.

But when it comes to achieving results, the Gen Y professionals also believe in peer-to-peer interaction, quick collaboration and learning from others to get the work done and achieve growth.

While they are gung ho about inter and intra-departmental competitions that inspire employees to be competitive, at personal levels traditions, religious beliefs and cultural values are deeply embedded in their minds.

For them, MNC interiors are safe havens, offering a new identity to employees and providing refuge from the chaotic and polluted outside environment — perhaps the reason why MNC jobs are the most preferred among young professionals.
This generation of professionals also look at the type of work in conjunction with its impact, company’s reputation and salary paid, and desire impactful work, higher level of contribution and entrepreneurship that can bring them rapid growth and put them at a smarter and more influential level than peers.

The “Generation Y in the Workplace” study, which chose China and India along with the US for the first two nation’s huge young population, has further found that social relationships are of prime importance to the Gen Y professional, and work environment is a prime attractor as for them it enhances employee image and offers prestige.
The study, carried out by Steelcase WorkSpace Futures, the global research arm of Steelcase, was aimed at finding out what engages and motivates workers and what needs to be done to retain right talents.

“The key implications of our research provide good insights to the Indian company management enabling them to better plan and design the future workplace for this next generation workforce,” Steelcase Asia-Pacific president Uli Gwinner said on the study.

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