It's picture perfect

It's picture perfect

We all have our favourites when it comes to comic books and some of the characters in these books tend to stay with us even as we grow up. One may be past the age of enjoying such books, but the truth is they continue to hold a special place in one’s life.  

So what makes it so attractive? The art work, colour, lively images, adventure clubbed with humour have the ability to woo people of all age groups. The youngsters too are addicted to it.

Shahab says, “No book so far has been able to break my love for comics although I have become old enough to read philosophical books. My love for comics does not seem to fade at all. I like the illustrations, the colourful characters, the style and level of

Some youngsters even go to the extent of saying that novels are not their cup of tea. They in fact say novels are boring when compared to comics and they call the former dull and lifeless without any pictures.

Avran says, “There is a certain freshness about comic books. Since they are short, one can finish reading it quickly. You don’t have to sit on it for days together and wait for the mystery to unravel. When I see the comic characters, I am able to relate to them better and that makes me very happy. I love Archies and have been reading it for years together and am never tired of them. I am able to picturise myself as Jughead and feel good at the end of every story.”

But not everybody swears by comic books. Some say these books are meant for kids and reading them would make them a little childish. Sarika says, “I love novels, even if it does not have a single illustration in it. I never get tired of reading them. When I read comics, I don’t get the feeling of being a grown-up, I feel I am still a child.”

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