Teacher's beating leaves boy with fracture

Ritikesh Pandit, a Class 10 student, invited the beating from a woman teacher for poor performance in an internal class test. He secured only three marks out of ten, said the police complaint filed by his father, Ved Prakash Pandit.

According to the report, “At least half a dozen students of the class had secured three or less than three marks in the test. This infuriated their teacher Archana Kumari, who flared up and started thrashing the kids.”

Ritikesh received such a severe blow from the teacher that he cried in pain and had to be rushed to a doctor, the complaint said. “It was an X-ray that revealed a fracture near his wrist,” said Pandit, an employee of the Geological Survey of India.

He said: “I do not think that poor performance in a test entitles a teacher to beat up students. I have, therefore, sought severe action against the teacher.” However, the school manager has denied the charges levied against the teacher.

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